East Leake Graves with Names and dates.

John Woodroffe eldest son of John & Ann. died age 28 on 9th. May 1834

Ann wife of John Woodroffe daughter of John & Mary Angrave. Died age 64 on 12th. Jan. 1842

John Woodroffe son of Daniel & Mary. Died age 56 on 3rd. Nov. 1825

Daniel Angrave Woodroffe son of John & Ann. Died age 5 on 26th.May 1817

Nancy Woodroffe daughter John & Ann. Born 28th.Nov. Died age 17th. Dec. 1815

Thomas Woodroffe son of Daniel by Mary his wife. Died age 24 on 18th. Aug. 1780

Mary Woodroff wife of Daniel . Died age 67 on 13th. 1811

Elizabeth wife of Will Craig. Daughter of Daniel & Mary Woodroff. d.? 7th.June 1814

Ann Grundy daughter of Daniel & Woodroff. Died age 46 on 3rd. July 1817

Ann Woodroffe daughter of John & Ann. Died age 3 on 10th. April 1802

Daniel Woodroff. Died age 84 on 13th. March 1827

Elizabeth wife of John Burrows daughter of Thomas & Ann Woodroffe of Rempstone. Died age 41 on ? June 1850

Dorothy 2nd. daughter of John & Elizabeth Burrows and Granddaughter of Thos' Burrows Woodroffe Died age 4 on 20th. April 1824

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